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LearningsOnline.com comprises of a group of professionals with vast experience in the development and refinement of processes, procedures, performance metrics, and outcome measures for start up organizations as well as established & fortune firms.

You will get time saving secrets for using choice your career and selection right employee for your firm. This portal is free and will remain free forever. Under the leadership of our CEO, our team of experts is thinking, bringing and implementing best ideas which are effectively changing lives. Choose from the options below to learn more about our company, our team, and our values.

We as an academy again come with solution of ISLAMIC EDUCATION. This platform includes where you can read quran. And also put your learn lessons into actions. Our teachers are well trained enough to give you  knowledge with best technology. We have also have presence in social media platforms like FacebookInstagramtwitter, and one of best blogging websites Medium



Nowadays, most of our family members move overseas like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. in which it turns out to be very difficult to research the Quran because of non-Islamic countries where Islamic education became absolute. Now the solution is to learn Quran online. We as as academy teach our students Quran with online education with a program. A designed program is made up for kids and for adults. So, we are here for huge  cause to educate people about Islam and its sayings.


About The Team

Team LearningsOnline.com is highly qualified, talented, innovative, creative, realistic and dedicated. We shall leave no stone unturned in order to bring right opportunities for you. We are here to share and to learn as well. We need your amity to reveal that entire openings which “technology and education” world has to offer.


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To help people save time with technology & grow with education.

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To enable top-notch technology standards & to bring quality in education!